My    David    Duchovny    Page    of    Obsession!!!!

As you can tell, this page is about that one and only hunk of a man David Duchovny. I absolutely love him!! (Who woulndn't? Well, I hope you males don't like him the way I do. Anyway......)

In case some of you aren't fimilar with D.D. I'll tell you a bit about him. He has his own show (my favorite) called The X-Files. He has also been in a few movies. His latest movies are, Playing God and the X-Files movie. He lives with his wife (sigh, oh well....) with whom he has started a family. His baby was born like on the 24th of April I believe. She was 7 1/2 pounds and I think 21 inches long. They named her Madeline West. Isn't that the cutest thing in the world?! He's a daddy now!! :) Aaaawwwww. How sweet! Anyway...that's a VERY brief summary of this wonderful guys life.

Now, on to his looks. He's tall (I'm not sure HOW tall though.) He has wonderful dark brown hair and I'm told he has green eye's. (It doesn't look like it, but it is hard to tell.) Anyway. Some say his nose is a little big, but I don't think so. I couldn't picture him any differently. What to all these good looks add up to you ask? Well, I'll tell you. It adds up to the most hansome, attractive man on the face of the earth!! Some of you probably don't agree with me, but that's okay. You are entitled to your own opinion, to bad I have the truth. :)

My Snazzy List of David Duchovny Links

David Duchovny's Home Page!! This is my absolute favorite D.D. site. It has as many pictures as you could ever want!! Have fun learning about and looking at D.D.!!
The Church of David Duchovny Join the church of David Duchovny to "worship" our favorite guy! :)
Addicted to David Duchovny Here's another link to David!
All You Ever Want to Know About David Duchovny More David, David, David..........
David Duchovny Here's a site where you can buy David pic's. Or you can be like me and just look at them a whole lot. :)
David Duchovny Image Gallery Here's a place to see MANY more pic's of who else?.....David!!
David Duchovny Picture Gallery Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures!!
David Duchovny Picture Page Have fun lookin' at David!!!!!!!!!!!
David Duchovny This is my 2nd favorite D.D. site. It has LOTS of pics and other info about him. Enjoy!!
The David Duchovny Drool Brigade! This place is full of information, pictures, and much more!
Lovers of David Duchovny This has stuff about David the person and his role in the X-Files. It also has pics of him and "Scully".

Lookin' good isn't he? :)

Lookin' cool man!!

There's that great smile!!

Do you like what you see so far? I do!! :) Keep goin' for more pictures! (The pictures below are my all time favorite D.D. pictures!!)

For some reason this is my ALL TIME favorite David picture.

Mr. Rugged!

Mr. Sauve!

Doesn't he look innocent?!

I hope that you have enjoyed my homepage so far!! I also hope you like my David Duchovny page. Not enough you say?! Well, go to the next page and see some MORE of him!! :)

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