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Here's more pic's!

Don't fall out!! :)

Look at his cute doggie!! (His name is Blue.)

I love that smile!!

This is David's real signature!

Well, this ends my David Duchovny pages of obsession. I really hope that you enjoyed them even if you don't care for David all that much. And, if you didn't know or didn't like David I hope that my hopepage has helped you "get to know him" better. Anyway, don't worry . Just because my D.D. pages are done doesn't mean that my homepage is finished!! It is far from over. I'll have more links to various places, more pages about my life, and about my large and, most of the time, interesting family.

Anyway. So relax, there will be more soon. (Oh, I want to thank everyone for their patience. I hope that you all are having fun and most of all, I hope you signed the guestbook!) :) :)

My    David    Duchovny    Page    Continued!!

As you can tell, I told the truth. There is more David Duchovny on this page!! Keep on going to see more pictures of David. (None of these pictures are in any certain order, but I guess that doesn't really matter does it. There are also pic's of David as a little kid!!)

By the way. This will be the last D.D. page. I know, depressing isn't it? But, I thought that some people would like to see more than just David. (I don't know why, but they would...) Plus, I've already got A LOT of pictures on here of him. You don't know how long it took me to find all those pictures then get them all on here. It was worth it though, don't you think?

Anyway, I'll stop blabbering now and let you get on with lookin at the rest of the page.....(Aren't I sweet?..........) :)

Young   David

The following are pictures of David as a little kid and a couple from his high school/college days.

Oh!! What a little cutie!!

I don't really care for his shirt, but he's still a little cutie!!

This was when he was in college.....

Hmmmmm...number 32. I'll have to remember that......... :)

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