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Backstreet Boy's

I do love other kinds of music besides counrty. I realy LOVE the Backstreet Boys! Not only do they have GREAT voices, but they are also TOTALLY sexy!! My personal favorite Backstreet Boy is Kevin! Can you say yummy? K, sorry, I'll calm down now..... Now you can go to my Backstreet Boy's Page! It has a little info about each boy and I have some cool links you can go to at other sites including the Backstreet Boy's Offical website! I will put more pictures of them on there soon! I need a break though cause for the last week I have been working on this page and my Backstreet Boy page. I have beening finding pictures, links and stuff like that, so I do need a break! So, as soon as I have some more time I will add some more pictures of them! K? Tee-hee! :o) Enjoy!! :o) :oř

Go to my Backstreet Boy's page!

Other Music I like.....

It's kinda hard to name other artists I like because there are SSOO many! You know what I mean? Hhhmmm.. Oh! I do LOVE the Jars of Clay! Have you heard of them? They are an awesome Christain group! I got to see them in concert at a Christian concert. There was 3 other bands there, but the Jars were the main band preforming. It was awesome! Woo-Who! :o) Jars of Clay Go ahead and check them out!

Two other Christian groups that I really love are

The Newsboys
Seven Day Jesus

Okay. On to other groups! Hmm..I suppose that I should just name off some CD's that I have and that should tell you the kind of music that I like! Okay? :o) Lemme see...I have

GooGoo Dolls
Matchbox 20
Third Eye Blind
Natalie Imbruglia
Ricky Martin
Sarah McLachlan
Sixpence None the Richer
Will Smith

These are just a fragment, of course, of artists that I like! :o) But anyway! This about it for my music page! I hope that you liked some of the links that I put on here, cause I did it just for you! Aww! Now isn't that sweet? :o) Tee-hee! :o)


Welcome to my Music Page!!

As you already know, I love country music! It's my number one choice of music! Garth Brooks is definatley my favorite country singer!

Even though I have already put this on my main page I am going to put it again......These are some, and I repeat SOME of my favorite Garth songs...

Thunder Rolls

Lonesome Dove

The River

The Dance

Longneck Bottle

Burning Bridges

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Unanswered Prayers

We Shall Be Free

She's Gonna Make It

In Another's Eyes

Belleau Wood

When There's No One Around

There are many more songs of his I love, but they would take to long to write down.

So anyway. Here are some Garth links. I don't think that Garth has an offical site, so you'll just have to deal with these. :) I know there are only a few right now, but I'm working on it.

Garth Brooks Fan Chat
Chad's Garth Brooks Fan Page
Find Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks Discography Pages

I also like many other country singers like

Collin Raye
Bryan White
Clint Black
Faith Hill
I love so many other contry singers...but it would be impossible to out all of them on this page! :o) So, since I can't put all of them on here you're just going to have to settle with these! Okay? :o)

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