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More Picture's Of My Friends!

Here are group pictures of my friends. I would have put them on my 1st friends page, but I didn't want the page to take forever to load. :o)

This is a group pic of some of my friends. They are: Amy, Becky, Caryn, Kim, Mike, Randi, and Josephine.

Here's Becky, Caryn, and Kim.

I've always loved this picture! It's just really amusing I think! This was at my freind Danielle's b-day party. From the top it goes: Danielle, Amy, Caryn, Beth (I think that was her name..I didn't really know her...), Kim, and Randi.

This last group picture is from a Dare club over night at the school. They are always so much fun! In this picture it's: Caryn, Amy, Kim, Becky, and that's me on the floor...I really hate that picture of me. (That's from 3 years ago and I don't look like that any more thank goodness...I just put this pic on here cause it was a good one of my friends.)

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