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Welcome to My Friends Page!!

Okay! Now that I have made a page for my family, I can finally pay a tribute to my wonderful friends! I owe so much to my friends...with out them my life would be so much different....and for the worse! I can't believe that I was blessed with so many wonderful, loving friends!

Anyway! Before I get really mushy...I am gonna get on to the pictures. K? :o) (I don't have pics of all of my friends, but I do have pics of most of them.)

Like I said...Kate is my best friend. She and I met in 1st grade and have been best friends ever since. Sometimes it's hard for us to see each other because I moved, but now that I can drive we have been able to see a lot more of each other! Yay! :o) (Oh, and if you couldn't figure it out...that's me and Kate in the pic.)

This is Kelly and Kate. Kelly goes to my old school to! :o) This is a cool pic I think cause they look like they are about to fall down the stairs! (But they aren't of course!) :o)

This is my boyfriend, Neal, and I. The reason that we are so dressed up is because we were on our way to a formal dance. No, not Prom. It's for a club at my school called GR. (Girls Reserves) And what the girls do in GR is do service projects to earn points. If you earn enough points by a certain time in the school year, then you get to go to a formal dance! (And invite a date of course.) Isn't that awesome?! It was my first formal dance! :o)
Go see my other GR pictures.

Isn't this a cute picture of Neal?! I just love it! He doesn't really like it much...but oh well!! It's my homepage, and I can put what I want on it! :o) Tee-hee!

Here's Neal playing his guitar. He's been playing for 6 years! :o)

Here's one of my friends from where I live now! This is Colleen! The little stinker just graduated to! NOT FAIR! :o) But, I am proud of her! :o)

Since she will probably kill me for using that picture above, I figured that I should use a better pic of her! Tee-hee! This is one of her senior pics. :o)

This is Colleen and her boyfriend, Jim, at Prom last year! Don't they make a great couple!? :o)

And this is Kim and her boyfriend, Greg! Awwww!! How cute!!

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I know that I don't have pictures of many different people on here, but there are some on the second page. I have to search through all of my pictures to find some of more of my friends, and I need to get my camra out and TAKE pictures of some of my friends. So, I hope to get more pictures of them on here soon! K? :o)