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What   I   Want   To   Be!!

We all want to be something when we grow up, right? A Doctor, Scientist, Police Officer, Actor, Lawyer, Pilot, etc. There are hundreds of choices. I'm only in 10th grade, but I've basically decided what I want to do with my life. I've narrowed it down to being a Zoologist or a Marine Biologist. Can you tell that I want to work with animals? :) I really want to go to Africa and Austraila to study animals, but if I end up in the middle of the ocean looking at whales that's fine with me to! :) (No, I'm not crazy.)

I've got a couple of links you can go to so you can look at different kinds of animals. Cool huh? (Don't worry, I'm looking for more.)

Marine Mammals
Hall Of Mammals
Central Rockies Mammals
Marine Mammals of Haro Straight

Here are some links to differnt pages that I have made that have different groups of animals on them such as primates, birds, marine animals, elephants, etc. So, whatever group you want to see just click on the links below. :)

Hall of Primates

Hall of Birds

Hall of Elephants

Hall of Marine Mammals

Hall of Giraffes


Africa's Animals

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