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Here    are    some    WeIrD    pictures!      

As you might have guessed by family can be SrAnGe!! :o) Tee-hee! But that's alright, cause I fit right in! I think that my sis and I can be the strangest of all...with the help of Bob! LOL! We get CrAzY!

Here is a good example of me and my sister!
Now...which one is which? LOL! :o)

Oh....and here is Bob....*giggle*

Two Christmas's ago my family went to Florida where we saw Universal Stuido's and MGM. These pics are from there! I just LOVE some of these! LOL!

This is just a group pic in one of the parks. Oops! Sorry about your head Bob! :o)

We saw this dino and thought it looked we decided to give it a big group hug! Aren't we so sweet!?

Of course....not all dino's like to be hugged....and when Kim tried to hug this one it almost ATE HER!! But, luckily, she got away in time! LOL!!!!!

This is just a pic of Bob that I thought I would add in here. (He's the one that I *cough* "didn't mention" when I was telling you "someone" told me to make a family page! :o)

Oops! What happened to you Bob?! OH NO!! The pillow is attacking your face! AAAHHHH!!!

He looks really worried doesn't he?

This is my beautiful (but fat) cat that I was telling you about! Isn't she pretty?! Her name is Suzie and we have had her since I was 7 years old! Aww!! :o)

Okay...the only one in this picture that I am related to is Nancy, but oh well! I consider the other two kids like family cause I have known them since I was 12. I have been baby-sitting them for 5 years and I just love them to death! The boy is Zach and the girl on the left is Ashlyn. Cute huh? :o)
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