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My Family!!

Well, upon request of a certain brother (no names mentioned) I have made a family page. I was going to make one anyway......eventully, but after he mentioned it a few times I've finally decided to start on it. :) As you all know already I have a largish and complex family. (Well, you should already know that if you read my main page.) Like everyone, I love my family, but there are always moments that you feel like you could strangle them. Am I right? But, we won't get into that........(tee-hee)

YAY!! I finally have some pictures to put on here! Meaning....I was finally able to find the time to get to my sis's scanner! Woo-Hoo! Now, her scanner isn't the greatest cause it's just one of those build in ones, but it's better than nothin'! So, I am really happy! Now you will get to see what my freakish family looks like! Aren't you so thrilled?! :o) Tee-hee!! Anyway! Here they are!

This is an old picture of my family! The little girl is me! (Wasn't I Cute?!) The boy I am sitting next to is my oldest brother Russell, my sister Kim is the one standing up, and the other boy is my other brother Bob. The woman is obviously my mother!

This is a more recent picture of my sibs and I. Only this time my sister-in-law is in the picture! She is standing next to Russell. This was taken the day of my mother's remarriage. (4 years ago)

This is my family now! The other people in this pic are my step-dad (Bill) and his four kids. There's Rob, Dave, Matt, and Nancy. Not all of us live in the same house!! Russell and his wife live in Alaska. The rest of us are living in the same house though. Rob and Bob are in college, so they aren't here most of the time, and Kim wants to get out of the house seeing as how she has already graduated from college.

This is my mom and my step-dad!

Like I told you on my main page...I also have a step-mom and she has three kids. I only have a picture of one of them though. Anyway! First I want to show you my dad and step-mom, Barb.

Here they are! This pic is about 3 years old....but that's okay! :o)

This pic is of my sis, dad, step-mom, and her youngest son, Mitch. Like I said before...I don't have pictures of her other two kids, but that's okay! :o)

The newest member to my family is my nephew! He is the cutest baby in the whole world! I just love him so much! These pictures are from last summer, so he ins't that small anymore, but that's okay cause these pictures are SO ADORABLE! :o)

I told you so! Just look at him! Doesn't he just make your heart melt?! (And in August he is gonna have a little brother or sister! We are pretty sure it's gonna be a girl! YAY!!!)

This has to be my most favorite picture of Michael! Look how happy he is and the smile on his face is wonderful! You can tell my dad really loves his first grand-baby!! :o)

Here he is with his mom. (My sister-in-law, Glenda) Awwww!! How cute!

None of us can keep our hands off this baby! Tee-hee!! Here he is with Kim!

Here are Nancy and Michael together!

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