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Welcome to the Hall of Elephants!!

Elephants have to be one of my all time favorite animals. Their power is so amazing!! I mean, come on, they can push down tree's for heavens sake!! There used to be over 100 species of elephants thousands of years ago, but now there are only two. The Asian and the African elephants.Isn't that sad? They might not last very long either if people keep poaching them for their tusks! Anyway, all the elephant pictures I have so far are of African elephants. (They're my favorite.) Enjoy them while you can.

I was wrong about all these pics being of African elephants because this is an Asian elephant. Do any of you know how you can tell? The first clue is that all African elephants have tusks, males and females. With the Asian elephants, only the males have tusks. This elephant doesn't have tusks so I know it's an Asian. Another way you can tell from this picture is the ears. African elephants have large ears and this Asian elephant has much smaller ears. There's some triva you can store away in your brain. :)

Aren't these baby's ssoo cute?!

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