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Welcome to my Backstreet Boy's Page!!!!!!

Yay! You are finally at my Backstreet Boy's page! I hope that you enjoy looking at all the pictures and stuff. I don't have A LOT of information about them, but I will put what I know on here. K? I have a couple friends that could TOTALLY help me with this page cause they know anything you want to know about the BSB's. (Well, almost everything.......) :o) Anyway! I am going to let you get to know these boys a little better now, so enjoy!! :o) Tee-hee!!

This first boy, as you know already, is my favorite! (That's why I am putting him first! Tee-hee!) He is none other than Kevin Richardson! Here's just a little info on him.......

Age: 26

Birthday: October 3rd, 1972

Talent: He plays the keyboards

Turn-on: Accepting him for who he is.

Rad fact: He grew up on a farm.

Secret interest: He's a qualified ballroom dance instructor!

Drives: Toyota 4 Runner

Almost every one knows this, but he is Brian's cousin.

I don't really know who I like most after Kevin. They are all just so awesome! These guys are in no certain order so don't get offended if your favorite guy is last! :o)

Anyway! This next BSB is Brian Littrell! He is such a little cutie! (I guess he and his cousin have something in common huh? Tee-hee!)Okay! So, here's some info on Brian....

Age: 24

Birthday: February 20th, 1975

Talent: He's a great basketball player!

Turn-on: Down-to-earth sensibilty

Rad Fact: He is afraid of heights!

Secret interest: At one time he wanted to go to Bible college, now he hopes to have a gospel hour on the radio some day!

Drives: BMW

He is best friends with Nick and his nick-name is Frick!

Now here's the youngest member of the BSB's! None other than Nick Carter! I just love that smile! Here's some info on little Nicky!

Age: 19

Birthday: January 28th, 1980

Talent: He loves drawing comics!

Turn-on: A sharp sense of humor

Rad Fact: Since he spills things all the time the other guys call him "Chaos"!

Secret interest: Scuba diving

Drives: Dodge Durango

He's best friends with Brian and his nick-name is Frack!

Next up is the "wild man" of the group! You all know who that is! It's AJ McLean! I think we all agree that he adds that little bit of weirdness to the group!

Age: 21

Birthday: January 9th, 1978

Talent: He writes poetry and plays the bass guitar.

Turn-on: It's all about the eyes

Rad Fact: He has zebra-print and red velvet chairs in his pad!

Secret interest: Puppeteering

Drives: Ford Expedition

At the moment he has 10 tattoos and he wants more!

This last BSB (but certainly not the least!) is Howie Dorough! This guy always has something sweet to say!

Age: 26

Birthday: August 22nd, 1973

Talent: He's trained in jazz, tap, and ballet.

Turn-on: Positivity and ambition

Rad Fact: He's goes out of his way not to hurt anyone's feelings!

Secret interest: International cuisine

Drives: Corvette

He's half Puerto Rican and half Irish!

I hope that you learned a little something about the boys! Not enough you say? Well, here's some websites you can go to!

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Don't want to go to the sites? Well, that's okay. You can go back to any other of my pages.


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